PAL Mentoring

Our PAL mentoring program provides the opportunity to build a structured and trusting relationship between young people and caring mentors.  The purpose of the PAL Mentoring Program is to further develop the competence and character of the mentees through facilitating a relationship, mentorship, and eventual friendship between both parties.

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PAL Pete Suazo Boxing Center

Since it’s opening in March 2010, the “Suazo Center” has evolved into a place for youth to build discipline of the mind and body.  From 3-4:00 p.m., during the school year, participants complete their homework and receive individualized or small group tutoring.  Once their coursework for the day is complete, students are invited to take part in boxing other physical fitness, arts, service, and other interest-based activities.  Each week, participants bring progress reports from their respective schools to help the center track their successes in the classroom.

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TEAM PAL stands for Together Everyone Achieves More Police Athletics/Activities League. Students love being a part of TEAM PAL because they have opportunities to work with prominent people in the community. The SSL Police Department, Fire Department, the Recreation Department, and the South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce are a just a few of the partners that influence these students.  The relationships they form while serving together are incredible!

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