PAL Mentoring

Our PAL mentoring program provides the opportunity to build a structured and trusting relationship between young people and caring mentors.  The purpose of the PAL Mentoring Program is to further develop the competence and character of the mentees through facilitating a relationship, mentorship, and eventual friendship between both parties.

friendsActivities are implemented to help the Mentors/Mentees to work together, to support each other through obstacles, and to build a relationship on the principles of trust and respect.  Participants enter the program not knowing who they will meet, yet at the end of the experience, members leave with a sense of acceptance and appreciation for one another.

It's a challenge to recruit mentors to participate and to stay involved, but we are determined and are working harder than ever to find such passionate people to offer guidance, support, and encouragement, serving as positive role models for our mentees.  We are currently recruiting mentors and hosting training programs to prepare mentors for their new, important role in a young person’s life.

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